Brazil´s Designer Q Chocolate in the world´s first Chocolate Library – Selfridges, London

Selfridges in opened April 2014 a new go-to destination for chocolate enthusiasts, their Confectionery Hall now hosts a Chocolate Library with over 400 chocolate bars, with an extensive range displayed from A-Z.

Q chocolate from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is also listed amongst the top chocolates with 5 of its 6 different ranges. Q chocolate is produced by Brazilian chef Samantha Aquim with no artificial flavouring or essence; her Q bars contain only cocoa mass, cocoa butter and a small amount of sugar. The Q process, created and pioneered by chef Samantha Aquim allows the flavour of cocoa to reveal itself as nature intended. With no artificial flavouring or essence, her Q bars contain only cocoa mass, cocoa butter and a small amount of sugar. The chocolate is available in six levels of cocoa mass, with the range being divided into “suaves” (soft – 55%, 60% and 65%) and “intensos” (intense – 75%, 80% and 85%). Its vibrant visual identity received a Bronze Lion award at Cannes Design Festival last year.

Selfridges Chocolate Library aims to educate customers while catering for all their confectionery needs, should the choice get a bit too much, the library is overseen by a ‘Chocarian’ who will guide customers through the vast range of chocolate as well as providing regular samples.

Christy and Sean are the lovely “chocarians” and know everything about the fantastic chocolate bars selling at library. It is definitely a must-go if you are a chocolate enthusiast!

Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, London W1A 1AB, 0800 123400 (UK), +44 (0)113 369 8040 (international)


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