Tracey Emin is her own work of art

Tracey Emin reached a new moment in her career. Once branded one of the most influential contemporary Bristish artists - shouldering with the likes of Damien Hirst - she is now a professor of drawing ay the Royal Academy of the Arts, and adopted a more demure persona on her public apearences.

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Her latest exhibition, The Laste Great Adventure is You, at the White Cube Bermonsdsey is a swift change as well, showing a less visceral Tracey, in a compelling series of drawings, embroided pictures, sculptures and neon light quotes. After walking through the gallery, it is noticeable that somethings won't change though: Tracey Emin is her own work of art.

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Though the pieces are not as scandalous as some previous works, Emin's ego and necessity for displaying her vulnerability are firmly there: All of the disform human figures portrayed are studies of her own figure, hinted by the sugestive captions – “Alone Is Alright”, “Rough Me”, “I Think of You Too Much” – which gather into a potent narrative. Emin’s strongest form of expression has so often been her own voice.

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Some beautiful large scale embroided pieces of these drawings are also extremely moving, and of course, her famous neon lights quotes are there, shining bright melow sentences such as " Your absence makes me love you even more". t's all very soft and delicate, to the point it can be boring and predictable to some. Still, Emin's honesty while making art makes her irresistable and extremely moving from a woman's perspective.

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Tracey Emin's The Lat Great Adventure is You - Until 16th November

WhiteCube Bermondsey -

144-152 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3TQ

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