AVEnews: Maranhão, Brazil´s hidden gem

VBRATA – Visit Brazil Travel Association launches campaign to introduce this off beaten destination to UK tour operators and tourists

Lençóis Maranhenses

Away from the hype of Rio and Bahia, the state of Maranhão is an off the beaten path destination in Brazil, awaiting to be discovered by international tourists and media, and home to one of the most unknown Brazilian natural attractions, the Lençóis Maranhenses: a haven of white sands dunes filled with crystal clear drinkable water lakes. Deeply loved and cherished by Brazilians, now UK tour operators, press and travellers will have a chance to get acquainted with this stunning destination after the Secretary of Tourism for the State of Maranhão announced on 01st October 2014 a new collaboration between VBRATA UK and the region to promote its touristic attractions in the UK, USA, Argentina, Italy and Portugal.

“We want to focus on these markets - especially the UK, based on the number of tourists travelling from those destinations and their growth potential. We want to showcase them our unique natural sightings and the developments achieved as a tourist destination. We are sure that the state is on track of becoming one of the top Brazilian destinations for international visitors”, points out Jura Filho, Maranhão State Tourist Secretary.

The famous Lençóis Maranhenses

VBRATA - Visit Brazil Travel Association based in UK is now working to reach this target by turning tour operators in the UK in “experts in Maranhão”, by offering an online training developed by Bossa Brazil (BOT – Brazil Online Training www.brazilot.com). The online training will be available to tour operators from Thursday, 23rd October 2014 at www.maranhao-onloinetraining.co.uk and if learning about this great destination is not enough incentive, VBRATA is offering great prizes to agents taking up training until 15th November 2014. (See prize list below)

Furthermore, an advertising campaign will run in the catalogues of VBRATA EUROPE - Visit Brazil Travel Association in UK and Italy. The brochures will be printed and distributed to tour operators, press and final consumers in both countries and a digital version can also be downloaded from VBRATA.org website. VBRATA EUROPE is the only European association bringing together tour operators and travel agents specialised in Brazil.

Chapada's National Park

“We want UK visitors to discover one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Maranhão has the perfect mix between exuberant natural beauty, architecture and historical heritage. We are extremely proud to promote such a unique destination. Collaborations as such are crucial to attend the increasing demands of a growing market for new Brazilian destinations” informed Glauco Chris Fuzinatto, Chairman of VBRATA EUROPE”.

Maranhão online training will be available in the UK at www.maranhao-onlinetraining.co.uk and also on BOT Brazil Online Training main web site www.brazilot.com as from 23rd October 2014

Maranhão On Line Training Competition

Beautiful Lençóis Maranhenses

Travel agents who complete and pass the test on Maranhão /Brazil Online training module before 15th November 2014 will enter a competition to win the following prize draws:

· 1st Prize – an I-pad

· 2nd Prize - meal for 2 (drinks not included) in a Brazilian restaurant in Glasgow

· 3rd Prize a meal for 2 (drinks not included) in a Brazilian restaurant in Manchester

· 4th Prize a meal for 2 (drinks not included) in a Brazilian restaurant in London

· 5th Prize a meal for 2 (drinks not included) in a Brazilian restaurant in Brighton

The winners will be announced on www.brazilot.com on Monday 16th November 2014.


Maranhão is a state in northeast Brazil and is characterised by the dense Amazon forests in its northern areas and long stretches of barren beaches along the Parnaíba River and coastline. The extensive beaches and sand dunes are protected, due to their ecological importance and contribution. This makes them particularly beautiful to see, as human interference is minimal. The capital city of this state is São Luís, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical value.

The region has major diversity of ecosystems in Brazil boasting some of the largest coral bans of South America. The northwest part of this state is densely forested with many rivers winding their way through the rich foliage. The northern part of Piauí boasts the Maranhão Babaçu, which produces the Babaçu palm, valuable for its edible oil. The southern part of the state, on the other hand, is situated within the Brazilian Highlands.

The wet and dry seasons are both very hot, with extremely high levels of humidity characterising the wet season. The western shoreline, which has many indentations, is littered with towering Maranhão mangroves. The eastern shoreline has rolling sand dunes and dune fields, which create impressive vistas and awe-inspiring backdrops for photographs.

Maranhão is home to approximately 6.5 million people, with over two-thirds of the population living in urban areas.

Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Church, in São Luís of Maranhão

MORE ON VBRATA (vbrata.org.uk)

VBRATA is a European based not-for-profit organisation whose members are dedicated and committed to promoting Brazil as a tourist and cultural destination to both the travelling public and the European travel trade, especially in the UK, Italy and German.

The association is supported by the regional, state and municipal tourist offices within Brazil. In the UK we have the support of the Embassy of Brazil as well as our membership that is made up of the UK based tour operators, airlines and hotel groups with specialist knowledge of Brazil

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