Fold this: It's Origami Day

It takes practice, coordination and creativity but, at the end of the day, who doesn't love to play around with Origami? More than just pure entertainment, Origami is a beautiful art, mastered by ancient people and with known therapeutic value, for one has to exercise a great deal of patience and concentration in order to get it right.


Origami was initially known as orikata (folded shapes), and It was first invented by the Japanese, nobody knows exactly when, but it was cent. Today, many people are attracted to the idea of learning how to fold origami figures because paper is a cheap craft supply. When origami was first practiced, however, it was a craft only for the elite. Japanese monks folded origami figures for religious purposes. Origami was also used in various formal ceremonies, such as the practice of folding paper butterflies to adorn sake bottles at a Japanese couple's wedding reception.


As paper became more affordable, common people began making origami figures as gifts or creating folded cards and envelopes for their correspondence. Origami also started to be used as an educational tool, since the folding process involves many concepts that are relevant to the study of mathematics.

The first book about origami was Sembazuru Orikata (Thousand Crane Folding) written by Akisato Rito and published in 1797. This book was more about cultural customs than a series of instructions, however. There is a traditional story in Japan that says if a person folds 1,000 paper cranes, they will be granted one special wish.

The craft of Origami became so popular around the world that it has a day of it's own! And it's today: 11th of November. And the way to celebrate it than to giving a go and fold some paper yourself? Below is a tutorial for you to try, taken from the cool site . They have loads more for you to entertain you and your kids or friends.


And, if you prefer to fold paper and meet new people, there are some cool events in London happening today to celebrate Origami Day. One of those is happening at Queen of Hoxton from 7pm, with a special class and drinks to go with it. You can check more info here.

Let's fold away!

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