Be creative this January

Not that we believe there is a right day or time for you to start being a better person and doing the things you love, but usually the first month of the year tend to be the time we want to start fresh and think outside the box regarding the things we believe, our work, our health. it´s no wonder January was picked to be International Creativity Month, a time of the year to celebrate worldwide the power creativity can bring to our personal and professional life.

The idea was launched by renowned business mentor and motivational speaker Randall Munson, it seeks to make the home and the workplace a more creative space for an entire month. The truth is, our busy lifesytles and daily routine prevent us from exercising our minds creatively...and the loss is only ours. Saving a couple of hours per day or week to develop ideas you´re passionate about or getting in touch with things that inspire you can have a major impact in your success in life.

So dare to think outisde the box this January at least! It´s an habit! To get you going, here´s is some tips on how to think creatively, in this article here

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