Welcome to the enchanting world of JADU TEA

High quality tea presented in luxury gift packaging launches in the UK to indulge tea lovers with its unique blends

JADU TEA (jah-doo) www.jadutea.co.uk is an independent Global Luxury Tea Brand based in the UK and dedicated to introduce their unique brand to the exciting world of luxury gifts.

JADU´s premium tea is exclusively sourced and created by the best UK tea blenders and manually packed and placed into its sophisticated navy blue gift box. JADU TEA is now available for purchase via its online store delivering worldwide and will launch in selected department stores in London by Christmas 2015.


JADU TEA celebrates the ancient art of tea drinking and its enchanting and spellbinding world. Sanskrit for “magic”, JADU is exactly what this brand is all about: charm, enchantment, heritage, alchemy and the captivating taste of a particular style of brewing which is sure to impress tea connoisseurs and entice a few new enthusiasts too.

JADU´s selection of exquisite blends ranges from the traditional English Breakfast to the elegant Mademoiselle Grey and the healthy ChinaGreen, priced at £16 for 12 tea envelopes or £19 for 100gr whole leaf tea. Each tea, flavour or fruit is handled with great care in order to cherish and retain its individual character and fragrance; handpacked into its luxury suede box.

“Our aim is to offer high quality, luxury gift teas that bring a sense of indulgence and satisfaction to every single one of our customers” says the founder, Yulia Zhizhaeva.

Discover more about this magical world of JADU TEA and its inspired method of creation – from the sourcing of its quality tea blends to the meticulous design and packaging created by Yulia.

Feel the magic of tea!

For questions, pictures, product reviews or if you would like to have a one-on-one tasting, please get in touch with gizane@avepr.com or on 0203 648 67 65 | 07968 56 36 89 .

JADU TEA blends


Even the most traditional blends are infused with a unique identity and therefore, renamed accordingly to highlight its characteristics. The MADEMOISELLE GREY for example is a take on the classic Earl Grey tea using the refreshing Sri Lankan Uva black tea as a base and finished with bright citrus note and aromatic bergamot. Other blends offered by JADU TEA are: Calming Camomile, Woodland Fruit, Darjeeling First Flush, Spa Afternoon (Oolong), White Mango Lime, Rooibos Crème Brûlée and Mint Melange.


Mademoiselle Grey. JADU TEA.JPG

From: Blended and hand packed in the UK. Tea leaves are sourced from India, China and Sri Lanka, herbs and fruits sourced from around the world.

Symbols and branding : JADU tea logo was created by UK graphic designer Lisa Simoes and the symbol represents a tea cup holder and a tea leaf. The packaging and branding were created by Yulia and Team JADU. The sumptuous Royal Navy Blue Suede Box, embossed in gold was carefully selected in each detail from its colours (blue meaning loyalty, peace and wisdom/gold meaning luxury, quality and prestige) to the methods of cutting, curling and gluing. The packaging and branding embodies JADU’s vision of heritage and celebrates the art of tea drinking.

Current stockist: Online sales only via www.jadutea.co.uk

International distribution contact: Yulia Zhizhaeva +44 780 942 2277

How to drink it: Tea lovers are encouraged to drink the JADU TEA respecting 4 main rules in order to experience its full spectrum of flavours.

1. always use filtered water

2. respect the correct water temperature for each tea type/blend

3. respect the specific required time to brew each different type of tea

4. remove the leaves from the water after optimum brewing time to avoid overbrewing.



FB: Jadutea.london

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