Mazi Mas relaunch with a pop up event, bringing an exclusive preview of an all-new menu created by w

Empowering migrant and refugee women, one delicious recipe at a time. Welcome to Mazi Mas, a roaming restaurant and catering company based in East London that showcases the culinary talent and cultural heritages of migrant and refugee women. In its fifth year, Mazi Mas, recently expanded its activities to include a new training programme and will relaunch with an exclusive three-course, global menu on 27th June at 7pm at The Round Chapel in Hackney.

Seven graduates of the new training programme will serve dishes from their native countries of Iran, Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Sudan to share their stories with guests. “Cooking for others is an act of love and we’re breaking society’s barriers through acceptance” explains Roberta Siao, Mazi Mas General Manager. Tickets are priced at £45 and can be booked via Grub Club.

The team of graduate cooks includes Elahe Reza, Nasrin Rooghani and Razieh Niroomand (all from Iran); Luzmila Jarrin, from Ecuador; Elizabeth Acuei Yol, from South Sudan; Paola Naressi from Costa Rica and Melissa Cardenas, from Peru. The multicultural menu reflects their different influences with dishes like the Persian “Kuku Sabzi, shallot yoghurt, barberries, dill” and “Avocado, jicama and mango ceviche, cancha corn, coriander”. See full menu

Mazi Mas was founded by Nikandre Kopcke, a New Yorker of German/Greek roots, inspired by the story of her godmother. An exceptional cook, her godmother was prevented from realising her dream of opening bakery by a husband who subscribed to rigid gender norms. Volunteering in community kitchens and migrant centres in London, Kopcke saw Marouli’s story mirrored in the lives of the women she met and decided to create an alternative to engage and empower women to earn a living from their love of cooking. More than just cooking, the initiative became a social hub and creative outlet for their participants. Women apply to join Mazi Mas’ seven-month programme, which comprises six weeks of culinary and service training and six months of paid part-time employment. Together they co-create a global menu that draws together their storied family recipes, and hone their culinary technique and communication skills.

Mazi Mas Relaunch Pop Up Dinner

When: Tusday, 27th June, from 7pm

Price: £45 per person including 3 course meal and a welcome drink.

Where: Round Chapel, Hackney (1 Glenarm Road, E5 0LY) –

Limited availability

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Twitter: @eatmazimas

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